VentureLab@SLU - Announcing the winners of this year’s summer scholarship!

After much time and deliberation, we’ve selected our winners of VentureLab’s summer scholarship. The competition was fierce, and all submissions were good – huge shoutout to everyone who applied!
This scholarship was sponsored by @SLU Holding, meant to award two projects 10.000 SEK each to experiment with and develop an idea over the summer.


We’d like to congratulate Jacqueline Hellman and Ludwig Stephan who managed to snatch the two scholarships this time around!

Jacqueline’s idea revolves around the increased interest among young individuals to acquire and tend to unique plants; plants that are currently very hard to come by in most ornamental plant-stores – something she’s committed to changing. People want unique plants, and yet most plant-stores sport no more than a hundred species on their shelves. On a planet with almost 300.000 species of flowering plants, we ought to do better, don’t we?

Meanwhile, Ludwig has set out to tackle the need for new protein sources, and food innovations from the plant kingdom – unique tree-crops that deliver biodiversity both on the field, as well as our plates. Trees contribute with a whole range of ecosystem services, and should be utilized more in our agricultural landscapes. This initiative, alongside several others, is a step in the right direction.

A huge congratulations from us at VentureLab and SLU Holding – and good luck with your projects Jacqueline and Ludwig, and once again – thanks to everyone who applied and helped us share this opportunity!
Wanted to apply but missed the deadline? Book a meeting with us to see how we can help you; and keep a lookout for similar opportunities in the future!

For more information - please contact Robin Meyer.

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