Anders Murman, CEO Diversify

27 mars (online) - Short talk: Meet (without meeting) Deversify

Connect to Zoom and meet Anders Murman, founder and CEO at Deversify

Deversify’s vision is that everyone should understand their own health. To reach this state, they develop and commercialize mobile electronic devices and apps to monitor biomarkers for individual health and chronic diseases – in new ways. The goal is to become the leading provider of individualized knowledge-based wellbeing to empower mobile health consumers worldwide.Three years ago the company was founded based on three unique product ideas, addressing three of the main lifestyle killers in the world today: obesity, smoking and heart failures. And they started with a project that concerns us all: understanding your own metabolism!

Anders Murman will talk about diets and chronic diseases, startups and financing, and how Deversify want to help individuals get incentivized to change lifestyles that make them sick.

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30 mars - sista anmälningsdag till Venture Cups start up-tävling

Nu kan du anmäla dig till Venture Cups tävling STARTUP!
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Sista anmälningsdag är 30 mars.

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