Student and wants to improve your CV?

Student and wants to improve your CV?

SLU Holding offers the opportunity of advanced work experience whilst you are still studying. Do you want to make use of your training before graduation, at the same time as creating your own network? Then we think you should apply to become a Student Desktop Researcher (SDR). You will of course be paid for the work you do, and you can meanwhile enhance your CV with valuable experience.

Enhance your CV with the title Student Desktop Researcher

How it works
About a hundred projects of innovation
SLU Holding is involved in projects of innovations from SLU and in the green industries. The mappings that the SDR-students creates gives knowledge about potential markets and form a base for further decision making. As a SDR-student You will contribute to the transfer of knowledge from SLU to the society.
The assignments will be matched with available students
Based on available facts, our coordinator match the assignment with the competence profiles in the team and the student best suited will get the actual project. The day You get an assignment – remember to prioritize Your studies. If You are into a hectic period of studying – we think it is fully ok to say no thanks to the proposed assignment. No worries, we will come back with more proposals.

Assignment and report

To be able to take on an assignment you will need approximately 20 hours. You will on Your own plan and solve the assignment to deliver the result within the given deadline. If there are any questions or problems during the work You can contact our coordinator.
When the report is done it will be sent to the coordinator and the innovation and business advisor that ordered the assignment. Sometimes there will be a need for additional information. After that the project will be finalized.

Are You curious to know more about SDR? In that case please contact our coordinator:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Student coordinator
+46(0) 76 631 24 66


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