How do we work together?

How do we work together?

As a researcher at a Swedish university you benefit from Teachers exemption (Lärarundantaget) - academic staff’s intellectual property rights, and thus have a unique opportunity to further develop your research results for the benefit of society. Taking an idea further in an innovation process is an exciting journey, and no two such journeys are the same. Thanks to the additional competence we have in our team and network, we can investigate and challenge your idea so that it is developed further, so as to be ready to become a service, product or process.

Our own overall work process is described below. Read more under Our services. All our work is, of course, confidential.

What is the procedure?
1. First meeting – we talk about the research results/idea
2. The idea is discussed further within SLU Holding
3. New meeting and feedback, with thoughts about the next step
4. A project is created and planned
5. Main prerequisites, reviewing which of our services are relevant
6. Advice on how the idea could be of use
7. SLU Holding acts as an advisor in the implementation

This is an overall and general description – please contact us and we will tell you more about how we can help you in particular!


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