Turid Sundin Carlsson - Operativ chef, Senior Innovation & Business Advisor

Turid Sundin Carlsson

Senior Innovation & Business Advisor
  +46 (0) 70 564 03 45
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The business advisor with her sights set on global solutions

Hi Turid! What does your work at SLU Holding involve?

I’m an Innovation and business advisor.

Could you tell us a little about your background?

I studied molecular biology at Uppsala University, and used to work as a market strategist and business & innovation developer at GE Healthcare, where I was involved in building up a business unit for cell therapies. This taught me a lot about business, people and other cultures, and was incredibly valuable!

What’s it like supporting and working closely with researchers?

Here at SLU we have over 4,000 researchers. It's brilliant that the researchers have ideas that lead to solutions to major global problems. Examples of such ideas are challenges in the field of the life sciences or human medicine, or a new cultivation technique to reduce spraying.

Do you have any questions about how you can take your research to the market?
Do get in touch with me at an early stage if you have a project idea you wish to proceed with!
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