Christer Frånlund. Senior Innovation & Business Advisor.

Christer Frånlund

Senior Innovation & Business Advisor
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The business advisor who helps researchers create value in society

Hi Christer! What does your work at SLU Holding involve?

I give advice on utilisation and application of research results. This can involve issues ahead of a company formation and matters relating to agreements and law, as well as issues in the field of marketing and sales. One of my areas of interest is patent and trademark protection.

Could you tell us a little about your background?

I'm basically an engineer and economist from Uppsala University, with good credentials in IT. I’ve worked in the IT sector for many years, and prior to my job at SLU Holding I for many years ran my own company in the field of organisation, business development and management.

What is the best thing about supporting scientists and working in close cooperation with them?

One big advantage of working so closely with researchers is that every day I gain new knowledge and new insights in important areas. The work involves absolutely anything, and ranges from microbiology and surgery to planning for new cities and handling horses and cows!

Do you have questions about how your research can create value in society? Please contact me at an early stage and I will tell you more.
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