Elin Röös. Photo: Christer Frånlund

Elin Röös – researcher focusing on sustainable food production, with a desire to see her research come to use

Elin Röös is researching sustainable food production and land use at SLU. Contributing current knowledge on the environmental impact of food, clarifying concepts and finding answers to difficult questions are what drive her. She is inspired by people who have the courage to speak the truth and are passionate about research coming to good use. Decisions must be based on knowledge; not half-truths or myths.

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Reduced food waste with new measuring tool

Mattias Eriksson’s research focuses on how the food system can become more sustainable through reduced food waste. Even if it is not a technical problem but rather a matter of overconsumption at its base, Matthias’ hope is to use a new technical solution to provide commercial kitchens and restaurants with a tool which can effectively reduce food waste. But more will be needed. The problem of food waste requires political leadership and a real willingness to resolve the issue.

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SLU Holding investing in Leafymade. © Leafymade

SLU Holding investing in Leafymade

The driving force for Leafymade AB is the development of sustainable materials that can replace plastics and paper in disposable products. With its investment, SLU Holding is providing the company both with important capital and opportunities for new knowledge through collaboration with researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).

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Prize-winning SLU research produces more rice – with less impact on climate

Prize-winning SLU research produces more rice – with less impact on climate

A new, more climate-friendly rice produces higher yields while lowering greenhouse gas emissions from rice paddies. The rice can also thrive in a warmer climate. Associate professor Chuanxin Sun and his research team at SLU are behind the award-winning research that led to this climate rice.

“If this rice were to be grown globally, it could potentially mean food for 200 million more people, while reducing the carbon footprint by a corresponding 120 million cars,” Sun explains.

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Mats Söderström. Photo: Kristin Piikki

Meet Mats Söderström – researcher with a satellite perspective on environmentally friendlier cultivation

Mats Söderström, associate professor at the Department for Land and Environment at SLU in Skara, is the researcher behind CropSAT®. A digital service for precision cultivation that provides conditions for better harvests and less environmental impact. We interviewed Mats about his innovation journey on a sunny day in Skara.

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Meet Björn – The Scientist who’s taking the plunge

Meet Björn – the scientist who´s taking the plunge

In the work of Björn Vinnerås and his research team in Uppsala on future hygiene technology and sorting at source, how he grew up of the little farm near Nora is a constant factor. Read more about Björn and how we at SLU Holding helped him bring his research closer to the market.

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