SLU Holding investing in Leafymade. © Leafymade

SLU Holding invests in start-up company Leafymade

The interest is large for the company’s first products – disposable plates and small bowls with leaves as the raw material. Production is small-scale and carried out in the villages of the Indian countryside where knowledge lives on of the old traditional ways of using tree leaves. No additives are required in production. The leaves’ natural properties make it possible to produce a material that can withstand liquids and is thick enough to produce both plates and small bowls.

Several research areas are of interest for Leafymade. SLU Holding's investment also entails the opportunity for the company to collaborate with researchers at SLU. Research in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in developing countries is a relevant area of research, as well as research into the possibility of using Swedish leaves as raw materials for products that can replace plastics and paper.



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