Press Release - SLU Holding investerar i forskningsbolaget Resorbable Devices AB

SLU Holding invests in research company Resorbable Devices AB

Resorbable Devices AB is behind successful research in resorbable polymers. Under the leadership of founder Odd Höglund, the company has developed LigaTie®, a self-locking implant in resorbable material for safe and more effective surgery.

“The business concept and product LigaTie®, and the team’s expertise and determination convinced us of the company’s future potential,” says Urban Eriksson, CEO of SLU Holding. “Resorbable Devices AB exhibits all the signs of a successful company, which was why SLU Holding decided to invest.”.

Resorbable Devices AB has recently been awarded a local business prize for high growth potential and has additional products under development that are aimed primarily at urology use.

We are pleased and proud that SLU Holding has chosen to make this investment in Resorbable Devices AB,” says Odd Höglund, researcher at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and founder of Resorbable Devices AB. “The company gives us expertise in business development, which is valuable in reaching out to the market. The investment in the company also means financing of the next step of the journey from research to market in which the manufacturing process is next to be validated.”

In the research field of resorbable polymers, Resorbable Devices AB collaborates with researchers from Uppsala University and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The company also collaborates with the medical device industry in both Uppsala and the US.

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