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7 pieces of advice to consider in the hammock

Soon the summer holidays are here for many of us. Time to relax in the sun! As a researcher you might get a chance to catch up with some reading and get a moment to reflect on your research in a broader sense and on your next move. If so, let us at SLU Holding give you a bit of summer reading: 7 pieces of advice – how to benefit from your research!
What should you be considering so that what you’re researching that your research into one day will become an innovation that benefits society? We have asked some of our experienced business advisors – and some researchers who have succeeded!

1. Think about what drives you
Is Are you aiming for to the answer of the research question? Do you want to get published? Do you want to create a new product for the market? Determining where you stand on these issues early on, helps you set the right course for your research.
Gabriella Lindgren, equine researcher, SLU

2. Bring in additional competence
As a researcher you will usually be focusing on your research. Gain the support of someone who knows more about what is important in terms of taking research out into society, e.g. contractual issues.
Lars Roepstorff, equine researcher, Professor at SLU

3. The right agreement creates peace of mind
Speaking of agreements ... Be careful about agreements and who is entitled to what – address this at an early stage of a project. Sorting it out later can be really hard.
Mats Wiktorsson, Senior Innovation and Business Advisor, SLU Holding

4. Think about practical applications
It’s good to have a dialogue with practitioners/the industry right from the start. This is a dimension that can be very stimulating for a researcher – in addition to purely scientific publications.
Göran Nordlander, Professor at SLU and one of the researchers behind the idea of Conniflex

5. Don’t be afraid to think and talk about money
Money is the driving force in our current social model, and it gives you the chance to do so much more. If you succeed in creating a business that gives you a surplus, you will be free to finance your research, support other research or develop your business – the choice will be yours.
Nicholas Jakobsson, Senior Innovation and Business Advisor, SLU Holding

6. Learning how to run a business takes time
Seek the help of others with capital, expertise, business-development skills and contacts at an early stage. Running a business is a long learning curve.
Stefan Roos, innovator, Ilya Pharma

7. Contact SLU Holding
A common question I’m asked is: "When should I come to you?" The answer is: “Recently!” It’s better to come to us too soon than too late. We’ll give you guidance so you don’t end up making mistakes that will make it legally impossible for you to later patent or proceed with your research results.
Turid Sundin Carlsson, Senior Innovation and Business Advisor, SLU Holding

Have a great summer!


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