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We want to contribute to sustainable growth! - Urban Eriksson, CEO SLU Holding AB

We want to contribute to sustainable growth!

Welcome to our new website, where we tell you more about SLU researchers who have put their research to use. It is part of our new communication initiative to reach even more researchers.

SLU Holding's mission is to help researchers at SLU in particular who have decided to put their research and ideas to practical use. Holding provides supplementary knowledge and funding when research results are to be converted into services or products, or otherwise be utilised in society.

“Not long ago, we conducted a survey among SLU staff,” says Urban Eriksson, CEO for SLU Holding. “Among other things, it showed that 70 percent of the researchers who responded knew of us but did not know what we do and what we can help with. We also found out that many people are curious about other researchers and colleagues who have taken the step to utilise their research results. The researchers often ask about examples of how research from SLU has come out to society and many are curious about how they themselves could contribute.”

To improve clarity and communication, SLU Holding has created an entirely new website. It is important to publicise good examples. Many ideas and companies come from SLU. It might be a research concept that has become a company, an idea that has been implemented in society or something similar that has originated with SLU.
“A finished concept is naturally unnecessary when researchers contact us for the first time,” says Urban. “We are also interested in various concepts that are still under development and that can inspire others to see opportunities in their research results or their ideas.”

An important part of improved communication is the newsletters that Holding will be sending out four to six times each year, beginning in May.Additionally, we will be working closer with the media so that developments on the innovation front are also seen outside the university.

“Besides the Web, newsletter and media channels, we will also be letting you know about the good work underway when we meet staff at SLU at seminars and on other occasions,” says Urban. “The idea is to contribute to more lively communication.”


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