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Från idé till innovation - forskaren Björn Vinnerås tipsar!

From idea to innovation – the researcher Björn Vinnerås recommends!

Björn Vinnerås’s field of research is a source-separation sewage system that does not consume water. Net-zero water with regard to households of the future is currently a vision, and green innovations based on function and economy are the way to go.

Björn's recommendations as regards making a research idea into an innovation
If you want to get your research idea to eventually become an innovation on a market, you as a researcher must keep research development and product development separate. Research comes first. The research issue is crucial, as is maintaining the level of research within the research group. But you also need a long-term goal for your research, and need to see a potential use and above all seek the assistance of those with knowledge of that aspect. Quite simply two important thoughts to bear in mind simultaneously.
"What drives me is taking action and endeavouring to do something about environmental problems – creating something through research that becomes useful and works in society." – Björn Vinnerås.

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Read more here about Björn Vinnerås’s research and how we at SLU Holding have supported Björn on his research journey.




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