Havredals launches plant-based premium burger

Havredals launches plant-based premium burger and shapeable mince for hotels and restaurants

Havredals broadens its range, and launches plant-based mince and burgers, developed and produced in Sweden from plant protein and crops from Sweden and northern Europe.

The products will initially be sold to hotel and restaurant customers, but later in 2022 they will also be going straight to consumers. Phil's is the first gourmet burger restaurant to choose Havredals. The chain will replace its vegan burgers with Havredals burgers at all its restaurants as from mid-May.

SLU Holdings invested in Havredals at an early stage. In a short time the company has established itself as a contender in the field of plant-based dairy alternatives, with a range of oat drinks and oat-based cooking cream. The company is now taking a big step forwards and is entering a new category. With the launch of a plant-based premium burger and shapeable mince, the work of offering tasty, healthy alternatives to dairy and meat products is continuing.

'We want to make it easier to switch to a more plant-based diet. If more people are to try vegetarian options, it is not enough for the products to be healthy. They must be tasty – really tasty,” says Per-Johan Thörn, Havredals’ founder.

Production is taking place in Sweden, using plant protein from broad beans, oats and other crops. The ingredients currently come from Sweden and other northern European countries, but the plan is to increase the proportion of raw materials from Sweden and the Nordic countries in the course of time.

“Transformation of the food chain is crucial to attainment of climate targets. There are many important crops that are not currently produced in Sweden. We wish to contribute to the development of Swedish agriculture by always choosing Swedish ingredients when possible, and by increasing the proportion of Swedish and Nordic raw materials step by step,” says Per-Johan Thörn.

Phil's is the first burger chain to choose Havredals’ premium plant-based burger. At the same time the menu is being adjusted, with more green, vegetarian and plant-based products.

“Our new plant-based burger from Havredals is so tasty that not only vegans and vegetarians will be trying it. I think even an inveterate carnivore would give it a very high rating,” says Lars Åkerlund, partner and creative director at Phil's.

The Havredals premium burger will be available in selected grocery stores later in 2022, with a wider launch planned for 2023.


About Havredals

Havredals is developing plant-based foods, with the ambition of creating room for Swedish and Nordic raw materials. The company is based in Uppsala and launched its first product, the oat drink Havredryck Original, in early 2020. Havredals’ products are now available in shops right across the country, and are also being sold to HORECA customers through wholesalers. The vision is to combat climate change and health problems in our modern society.
Havredals is an active member of Green Innovation Parkin Uppsala.

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