Lina Strömstedt, Foto: Göran Ekeberg.

Meet Lina - Innovative researcher and new business advisor at SLU Holding

Lina Strömstedt, researcher and PhD in molecular geneticist in poultry genetics at SLU – is looking forward to her new job as a business developer at SLU Holding. Brilliant research at SLU and the potential in the field serve both as her inspiration and lodestar.

For many at SLU, Lina Strömstedt is a very familiar name. While working with the Biobank project Lina has collaborated with researchers in many different areas and seen the breadth of opportunities across SLU's research fields.

Lina thrives in the research community and has often, such as when working with the Biobank, experienced the important role a collective network of experts can play in researching both animal and human health. She is now looking forward to contributing to the practical utilisation of research in her role as a business developer at SLU Holding.

New ways of making research useful

Finding new ways of applying research is an important challenge as Lina sees it. Researchers are interested in their research and naturally do not always have the same drive or energy as is required when it comes to applying their research in society. Instead, it often requires, as she sees it, that other people get involved. The challenge of applying research, Lina feels, is about finding new channels out into society, establishing new collaborations, developing research communication and inspiring entrepreneurship.

Knowledge to resolve future issues

The researchers at SLU work with issues that concern our everyday life as well as important future issues such as how to produce the requisite amount of food, reducing food waste, achieving increased animal health, getting organic production fully up and running, and much more.

"I'm really looking forward to being involved in trying to make a difference. This gives me energy and I hope that my long experience at SLU can help broaden the paths into society and discover new links between markets and research. I'm also very much looking forward to 'resurrecting' our Friday meetings and once again hosting interesting events at Green Innovation Park."

Advice for those who want to take their research further

Lina sees finding more ways for researchers at SLU to utilize their research as a major challenge. Here are her top 3 pieces of advice for those who want to take their research further:

  1. Spot your idea! How can your research create added value? Take SLU Holding´s quick test and get tips on how to act on it.
  2. Contact SLU Holding. We are experts in how research can be applied and can advise you and show you ways forward.
  3. Participate in events and talks with the business community, where questions about the usefulness of research are high on the agenda.

If you want to discuss an idea or research project within the green industries, please contact one of SLU Holding’s business and innovation advisors.



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