New method can detect cancer before symptoms occur – SLU Holding invests in Alertix Veterinary Diagnostics

SLU Holding AB is a partner in Alertix Veterinary Diagnostics AB, which is developing a rapid test for the early detection of cancers in dogs, cats and horses. ALMI Invest and private business angels are also involved in the share issue.

The new capital will be used to develop a cancer test for dogs. Cancer is about as common in pets as in humans. With the Alertix product, it is possible to detect and implement the right measures to treat tumour growth at an early stage.
Alertix is developing a powerful method to measure the presence of the enzyme thymidine kinase (TK1) in the blood for use in veterinary care. TK1 is a biomarker for tumour growth, which means that the test can be a valuable tool for being able to diagnose cancers at an early stage. Studies have shown that TK1 increases in the blood of dogs even before the dog gets clinical symptoms, which means that the test has the potential to be used for cancer screening. It can also be used to detect solid tumours.

- We are very happy about the collaboration with our investors. The capital will come in handy as Alertix is now in an intensive development phase with international developers. During the next year we hope to reach a production phase for our first product, says Bengt Åstrand, CEO of Alertix.

SLU Holding has previous experience of working with some of the Alertix management and the SLU researchers behind the discovery. The company conducts its analysis and development activities at a lab adjacent to SLU in Uppsala.

- The market for diagnostic tests for pets is growing and we are already seeing considerable interest in Alertix products among both veterinarians and animal owners. Alertix has a strong team with long experience and the right competence to take the products to market, says Henrik Landgren, business advisor at SLU Holding.

Alertix will market the test to veterinarians who will offer it to animal owners in connection with consultations. The cost can be partly reimbursed to the owner of the animal through their insurance.


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