ThermoSeed – Innovative seed-treatment technology from SLU established in Switzerland

ThermoSeed Global AB, a company in which Lantmännen is the principal owner, can now look forward to long-term collaboration with the Swiss agricultural cooperative Fenaco. After evaluation and following development of the ThermoSeed process in several countries, Fenaco has purchased a seed-treatment machine.

ThermoSeed, which is a patented seed disinfection process without additives, was originally developed in research at SLU under Kenneth Alness’ leadership. The process involves the treatment of seed with carefully regulated hot, moist air for a specific period of time. The seed becomes free from contagions, retains full germinating capacity and storage-capable moisture content. After early investment initiatives from SLU Holding, Lantmännen and Anders Wall, the technology was sold, and developed and distributed by ThermoSeed Global AB.
ThermoSeed was named as one of the 3 best innovations during SLU's first 40 years as a university.

Kenneth Alness, CEO and co-owner of ThermoSeed Global AB, is very pleased to have Fenaco as a customer and partner.
“It’s gratifying that Fenaco has chosen ThermoSeed and I’m looking forward to our collaboration,” says Kenneth Alness. “I am particularly pleased that our environmentally friendly technology will now be available in another country. Fenaco is known for setting high quality standards. When they choose ThermoSeed, it’s a testament to our high quality and it will lead to further gains for us.”

Fenaco's plant is being built in Lyssach and is expected to be completed in May 2021. Seed of all kinds will be treated there, and the capacity will be 15 tonnes per hour. This will be the eighth machine outside Sweden and the second machine sold so far this year.
"Fenaco chose the ThermoSeed technology partly because of the efficiency of the process and partly because this is a biological method enitely without chemicals,” says Jürg Jost, managing director at UFA-Samen, a part of Fenaco. “We’ve looked at different alternatives without chemicals and concluded that ThermoSeed is the best option. In Switzerland, as in the rest of the EU, the market is driving increased demand for chemical-free products. We’re therefore convinced that demand for seed treated without chemicals will increase in Switzerland and in the EU.”

Source: Lantmännen

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