SLU Alnarps and Sparbanken Skåne Innovation Award 2020

In association with Sparbanken Skåne, SLU Alnarp this year awards ideas that carries the potential to change the green industry. The awards, worth a total of SEK 150,000 (one of 100,000 and two “growth awards” of 25,000) are personal and awarded with the goal of contributing to an innovation-promoting culture and enable more of the university’s overall knowledge to be utilized in groundbreaking innovations for both the industry and our society.

The green industry is facing one of its biggest challenges yet and we believe the solution is here. Do you work at SLU Alnarp and have an idea for a new product, service or method that can contribute to a more sustainable industry? Apply for the Innovation Award and you can personally win up to SEK 100,000.

Who can apply?
Students, researchers or employees of SLU Alnarp are welcome to participate, regardless of discipline. Innovations can be product-related as well as service-oriented but may not have reached commercial phase.

Last day for applications is February 28.

Read more about the Innovation Award and how to submit your apllication.


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