SLU Holding investerar i SciIns. Foto: Göran Ekeberg/Addlight

Eat crickets? Absolutely! SLU Holding invests in SciIns AB

SciIns breeds house crickets that are guaranteed to be free of densoviruses and other parasites. Properties that are strongly expected to contribute to increase the profitability of those who breed crickets for food and livestock production. SLU Holding is investing in the company, which we believe has a unique offering in a rapidly growing global market.

A cricket contains several essential amino acids and has a high protein content. Crickets are currently sold alive to farms producing animal feed and dried as a source of protein in various foods. By offering house crickets that are free from both viruses and parasites, breeders are given the opportunity to breed healthier animals that improve herd survival and thereby increase profitability.

Guaranteed free of viruses and parasites

- The market is severely affected by the problem with densoviruses, which cause a variety of viral diseases and high mortality in the herds. Giving access to guaranteed virus and parasite-free crickets via SciIns is a major breakthrough. We look forward to following SciIns, which expects to deliver the first virus free crickets to customers this year, says Urban Eriksson, CEO of SLU Holding.

Attractive source of protein
The high protein content of the house cricket makes it interesting both in the current segment and in a number of new conceivable areas. The market is large and is expected to grow. Th impact on the climate impact from breeding house crickets is low as is the need for water. There is also not a need for access to large land resources. Factors that help to increase interest in the protein-rich cricket.

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Anna Jansson och Åsa Berggren, founders SciIns AB. Foto: Göran Ekeberg/Addlight.
Swedish house cricket. Photo: Göran Ekeberg/addlight.
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Swedish house criscket. Photo: Göran Ekeberg/Addlight.

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