Flipday 13 oktober

Vilken start up har den mest spännande affärsidén? Välkommen till eventet där du är med och avgör vilka som får finansiering.

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Innovations Alnarp 2022

Resilient potato wins SLU Alnarp’s and Sparbanken Skåne’s Innovation Prize 2022

The researchers behind the winning project have developed a way of improving the quality of potatoes that fundamentally improves potato cultivation’s economic and ecological sustainability.

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IVA:s 100-lista 2022

Four innovative research projects from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) included in the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences’ (IVA) 100 List

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) is now presenting this year's 100 List of research projects judged to have great potential for benefit through commercialisation, business development, method development or community impact. The focus of this year's 100 List is technology in the service of humanity.

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Havredals launches plant-based premium burger

Havredals launches plant-based premium burger and shapeable mince for hotels and restaurants

Havredals broadens its range, and launches plant-based mince and burgers, developed and produced in Sweden from plant protein and crops from Sweden and northern Europe.

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SLU-forskare bakom nytt kvarkavaccin

A more effective vaccine against equine strangles is now being launched

The vaccine is based on many years of research at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Karolinska Institutet.

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Grundarna av Ecotype

New capital lends momentum to Ecotype's forest innovation

SLU alumni Axel Ljudén and Albin Nyström will be receiving SEK 8 million for their startup Ecotype. Ecotype creates new solutions for forestry using various types of data and advanced algorithms. The aim is to make forestry easier, more efficient and more user-friendly for forest owners.

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Congratulations Annika!

SLU Holding´s board member  Annika Bergman is awarded 2022 SLU Alumna of the year.

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Rosario Garcia Gil. Foto: Andreas Palmén

Vertical greening with the ability to absorb water from heavy rainfall

An interest in flora and fauna has taken Rosario Garcia Gil from Spain, to Finland, and subsequently to Umeå, where she works as a researcher in forest genetics. Over the course of 2021, her work and unique solution for vertical greening has garnered critical acclaim and awards. “As a researcher it provides a fantastic opportunity to participate and contribute to social development,” says Rosario.

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Agneta Oskarsson and Johan Lundqvist, founders BioCell Analytica

Measurable cocktail effect with new method

Although BioCell Analytica was established in 2019, founders Agneta Oskarsson and Johan Lundqvist have worked together for much longer. With their diverse skill sets and keen interest in further research, they have developed a new, unique method that is capable of both detecting chemical pollutants in the environment and measuring the effects of known and harmful substances.

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Green Innovation Park Alnarp. Foto: Mårten Svensson

Green Innovation Park - focus on development of sustainable services and products

The old machine hall in the heart of the Alnarp campus has been given a new role. Sleeping Beauty has been awoken, with the establishment of a new hub for collaboration between researchers, students and business, emphasising development of sustainable services and products.

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Agneta Oskarsson och Johan Lundqvist, grundare BioCell Analytica

A new analysis technique for detecting health and environmentally-hazardous impurities in water - SLU Holding invests in BioCell Analytica

A new, unique measuring method from Sweden’s University of Agricultural Sciences has the capacity to both detect chemical impurities in the environment and measure the effects of known and health-hazardous substances. SLU has been following its work from the beginning and is now investing in the company BioCell Analytica AB, which aims to bring the method to a wider market.

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Glada pristagare. Mats Söderström, forskare på SLU med övriga deltagare i projektet ”Target Y – Skördekartor för alla” fick ta emot SLU Skara och Sparbanken Skaraborgs Innovationspriset 2021 och Erik Öhlund och projektet ”Goati – tillsyn och hälsoanalys av betande djur” mottog SLU Skara och Sparbanken Skaraborgs Tillväxtpriset 2021. Foto: Anna-Karin Johnson

And the winner is...

‘Target Y - Harvest maps for all’ is the name of the winning entry in SLU Skara and Sparbanken Skaraborg’s first innovation award.

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Maria del Rosario García Gil - vinnare av SKAPAs innovationspris i Västerbotten.

SLU researcher wins innovation prize

This year’s winner of the SKAPA prize in Västerbotten county is Rosario García Gil, who has developed the vertical cultivation module Vertisá.

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SLU Holding investerar i Videquus. Foto:Stockphoto

An intelligent monitoring system for horses - SLU Holding invests in Videquus AB

Videquus provides security for horse owners. The company has developed a system that, with the help of a security camera, image recognition and AI, can learn to recognise a specific horse, automatically activating an alarm upon detection of a change in the horse’s health condition or abnormal behaviour. SLU Holding AB is now coming on board as co-owner of the company.

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Sarosh Ramachandra. Photo: Patrik Söderberg

Eko Grönovation – a growing business

Sarosh Ramachandra Bejai has carried out research at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), and is the entrepreneur behind the company Eko Grönovation, which fills parts of Kungsängens Gård in Uppsala with fragrant herbs and medicinal plants in a proprietary hydroponic farming facility.

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Lina Strömstedt, Foto: Göran Ekeberg.

Meet Lina - Innovative researcher and new business advisor at SLU Holding

Lina Strömstedt, researcher and PhD in molecular geneticist in poultry genetics at SLU – is looking forward to her new job as a business developer at SLU Holding. Brilliant research at SLU and the potential in the field serve both as her inspiration and lodestar.

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Anders Kiessling. Photo: Linn Bergbrant

Entrepreneurship in aquaculture – no fishy business

As a researcher, Anders Kiessling, Professor of Aquaculture at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), wishes to be influential and to contribute solutions to the challenges we are facing. Getting sustainable food production going in a cycle whereby unresolved problems are not passed on to the next generation is at the top of his list.

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Four research projects from SLU on the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences’ (IVA) 100 List for sustainable crisis preparedness

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences is now presenting this year's 100 List. The selected research projects from Swedish universities and institutes of higher education are all considered to have great potential for bringing actual benefit. The emphasis is on preparedness for crises and society's ability to deal with them. Four of the 51 research projects are from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

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SciIns vinnare av Bona Postulata-priset 2021, Foto: Göran Ekeberg/Addlight

SLU company wins the Bona Postulata Prize 2021

SciIns AB, which was started by the SLU researchers Åsa Berggren and Anna Jansson, is one of this year's winners of the Bona Postulata innovation prize.

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 Mariette Andersson and her colleagues are world leaders in their area of research. Since 2014, the research group has successfully developed the new Nobel Prize-winning CRISPR technology into a powerful tool for plant breeding. Photo: Mårten Svensson

World-leading research in plant breeding made accessible in new company

Mariette Andersson and her colleagues are world leaders in their area of research. Since 2014, the research group has successfully developed the new Nobel Prize-winning CRISPR technology into a powerful tool for plant breeding. Mariette, who is also CEO of the newly started company SolEdits AB, hopes that more people will now have access to the new efficient technology. SLU Holding has invested in the company, which it believes can contribute to a revolutionary transformation of future plant breeding.

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Bättre djurvälfärd med ny digital mätteknik

Better animal welfare with new digital measurement technology

For SLU researchers Marie Rhodin and Elin Hernlund, the aim is to expand their world-leading research group in orthopedics and biomechanics and create more digital tools that reach out to society. Research and technology are already in place to develop the first digital tool and start a commercial collaboration. A development phase where the collaboration with SLU Holding is important, provides security and sends an important signal according to the two researchers.

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Helen Thompson skapar nya växtbaserade livsmedel.

[frömage] - Locally grown ingredients in a new and nutritious plant-based food

For Helen Thompson, it is not just more nutritious plant-based products on store shelves that is the driving force. Equally important is working on a small scale, collaborating with locally grown ingredients. A realisation that came to her suddenly in the middle of the South American jungle and which took her to SLU and a new and abrupt turn in her professional life.

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With the new digital measuring tool, horse owners can film their horses themselves in order to be able to early detect and measure lameness.

Hope for lame horses - SLU Holding invests in Sleip AI

A new digital measuring tool makes it possible to detect lameness in horses earlier and implement the right measures more quickly. SLU Holding AB invests in Sleip AI AB and the company's work to develop new digital solutions for better animal health.

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SLU Skara and Sparbanken Skaraborgs Innovation Award 2021

Have you, or someone you cooperate with, taken part in a research project together with SLU i Skara? If so it might be worth your while to continue reading these lines. SLU Skara and Sparbanken Skaraborg hereby announces an Innovation Award for sustainable research projects aiming to benefit the green sector or the society at large.

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