LÄRARUNDANTAGET - Academic staff’s intellectual property rights

TEACHERS´ EXEMPTION (LÄRARUNDANTAGET ) - Academic staff’s intellectual property rights

Thanks to the Teachers´ exemption (Lärarundantaget), i.e. the exemption from employers’ rights to their employees’ patentable inventions, researchers/academic staff at Swedish universities and colleges of higher education are given the rights to their own research results.

As a teaching researcher/academic at a Swedish university you thus have a unique opportunity to utilise your research results. It is you who own the rights to your research results, unlike the general situation on the labour market, where the employer often owns the rights. International universities own the rights to inventions developed within their seats of learning.

Academic staff’s intellectual property rights make for great freedom, and allow you to exercise control over the way your research results are utilised. The form this utilisation takes is thus up to you.

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