31 mars - Short Talk: Map the customer journey

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Short talk
*In English*

Map the customer journey
Meet Armel Grimault, head of Life Science Division at Phosworks.

The customer experience has become more complex than ever, with the average consumer now using multiple channels to communicate with businesses. All these touchpoints are making it more difficult to always ensure a great customer experience. How can brands meet the customers’ expectations and ensure a smooth customer journey? One way to understand the customer experience is a process called customer journey mapping, which Armel will teach us about during this networking breakfast.

Eight years ago, Armel switched from working at GE Healthcare Life Science Uppsala to joining Phosworks, where his focus is on communication strategy and campaigns. Prior to working in Uppsala, he had different marketing roles in London and Brussels.



When: Friday, March 31 at 08.30, Shorttalk starts at 9.00
Where: Green Innovation Park Uppsala






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