Nu har du möjlighet till anslag för marknadsverifiering av din forskning!

Your research idea can benefit society!

You now have the opportunity to apply for funding from Vinnovas VFT programme (Validation for Growth). The funds are aimed to develop and validate research results and innovative ideas, from researchers and students, in order to be utilised for the benefit of the society, industry, or other organisations.

VFT has been created to streamline the process to allow knowledge from universities knowledge to be used in society in the form of products or services. Funding can be applied for in areas such as:

• Various forms of commercial verification e.g. activities to identify, meet and communicate with the intended customers to confirm the commercial relevance.
• Some technical verification aimed mainly at minimising any material project risk and enabling commercial verification.
• Activities related to validating other critical areas for the business concept such as scale-up incl. production, prototyping and testing, regulatory aspects, IPR, legal and financing issues, etc.
• Costs of initial IP protection of a business concept, e.g. patents (including PCT or equivalent), trade marks or design rights.
• Costs of developing/expanding the team to take the project forward e.g. to identify and verify key personnel or match innovative ideas to entrepreneurs.

Funding may not be used for further research, pure technological and product development or purchase of equipment.
An innovation project may be granted up to SEK 300,000. Applications are processed constantly in consultation with an innovation and business advisor from SLU Holding.


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