• SLU-forskare vinner innovationspris

    SLU-forskare vinner innovationspris

    Årets länsvinnare av SKAPA-priset i Västerbotten är Rosario García Gil, som utvecklat den vertikala odlingsmodulen Vertisá.

  • Intelligent övervakningssystem för hästar – SLU Holding investerar i Videquus AB

    Intelligent övervakningssystem för hästar – SLU Holding investerar i Videquus AB

    Videquus skapar trygghet för hästägare. Bolaget har utvecklat ett system som med hjälp av en övervakningskamera, bildigenkänning och AI lär sig känna igen en unik häst och slår automatiskt larm så fort ett avvikande beteende och hälsotillstånd uppstår. Nu går SLU Holding AB in som delägare i bolaget.

  • Eko Grönovation – a growing business

    Eko Grönovation – a growing business

    Sarosh Ramachandra Bejai has carried out research at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), and is the entrepreneur behind the company Eko Grönovation, which fills parts of Kungsängens Gård in Uppsala with fragrant herbs and medicinal plants in a proprietary hydroponic farming facility.


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Our portfolio companies

SLU's research ranges from the big to the small – from climate change and rural development through to functional genomics? and biotechnology. Through us at SLU Holding many innovations and start-ups develop. A large proportion of the research results can quickly be applied to solutions sought after by the market. We currently have one portfolio company, for example, that is working on a new type of fat molecule that can reduce obesity, another that is working on garden environments in order to reduce stress and a third that is providing resorbable implants for veterinary surgery.


Student and wants to improve your CV?

SLU Holding offers the opportunity of advanced work experience whilst you are still studying. Do you want to make use of your training before graduation, at the same time as creating your own network? Then we think you should apply to become a Student Desktop Researcher (SDR). You will of course be paid for the work you do, and you can meanwhile enhance your CV with valuable experience.


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