• Focus on The Digital Animal

    Focus on The Digital Animal

    Digital technology has been used for several years in the agricultural sector. The development is fast and from initially being used in ventilation, feeding and animal environments, the technology is now entering the animals via microchips and sensors.

  • Precision agriculture - a down to earth perspective for sustainable agriculture

    Precision agriculture - a down to earth perspective for sustainable agriculture

    At SLU in Skara, a research group is working jointly on the research theme of precision agriculture. The challenge is to provide a basis for decision making that makes crop production more sustainable. With modern technology, information from open data sources complemented by local measurement data and in close collaboration with users, the group is taking great strides forward. Both nationally and internationally. Kristin Piikki is one of the researchers in the group.

  • With a passion for ideas that can solve climate issues

    With a passion for ideas that can solve climate issues

    Mats Wiktorsson is a business and innovation advisor at SLU Holding. He has extensive experience in marketing and business development and is passionate about climate issues - this is a global challenge that researchers at SLU can contribute to with knowledge that helps to achieve the UN sustainability goals. The work that Mats and his colleagues at SLU Holding are particularly engaged in is the finding of ways to build on the results of research.


Our Services

We are experts in helping research reach a market – and make a difference in society.
What market potential do your research results have? How to consider existing agreements and patents? With our services Sustainable business development, Surveying the market, Patents & agreements and Funding we support you all the way from research concept through to innovation


Our portfolio companies

SLU's research ranges from the big to the small – from climate change and rural development through to functional genomics? and biotechnology. Through us at SLU Holding many innovations and start-ups develop. A large proportion of the research results can quickly be applied to solutions sought after by the market. We currently have one portfolio company, for example, that is working on a new type of fat molecule that can reduce obesity, another that is working on garden environments in order to reduce stress and a third that is providing resorbable implants for veterinary surgery.


Student and wants to improve your CV?

SLU Holding offers the opportunity of advanced work experience whilst you are still studying. Do you want to make use of your training before graduation, at the same time as creating your own network? Then we think you should apply to become a Student Desktop Researcher (SDR). You will of course be paid for the work you do, and you can meanwhile enhance your CV with valuable experience.


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